Ali Habib Mayar is the CEO at Platinum Rapid Funding Group, is a leader in the Merchant Cash Advance Industry. Mr. Mayar established the start of his professional career in the corporate security world.

From the start, he was motivated to succeed in this field. By 1996, Ali passed his Series 62 Exam that inducted his official qualification for a corporate security representative license.

Following this accomplishment, Mayar has proved himself to be an expert in the industry by passing an astonishing number of qualification exams to date. This includes the success of his Series 63, Series 7, Series 24 and Series 99 License Examinations.

During the course of his career, Mayar was introduced to an array of alternative finance industries that were of interest to him. After 18 years of succeeding his area of work, Ali realized that he wanted to shift industries due to his unique work ethic and constant strive for success in everything that he has applied himself to.

This realization is what inspired him create Platinum Rapid Funding Group. Since 2012, Platinum Rapid Funding has already proved itself to be a prominent leader in the industry. Mayar demonstrates dedicated leadership at Platinum as he devotes all of his time to the company and takes pride in guiding his team to provide efficient funding solutions across a variety of industries.

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